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Egypt's geographical position is uniquely enviable in the world tomato industry, responsible as it is for the world's longest tomato season. Egypt's 3 yearly crops offer a great advantage to its tomato producers.



Cesam Foods' production facilities are located in 6th of October City's industrial zone. There we manufacture high-quality products from locally grown fruits and vegetables, with a special emphasis on tomato products.
Our products range from ketchup, tomato paste and sauces for pasta and pizza to mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauces, salad dressings and jams. Each recipe is carefully crafted to bring you the highest-quality and environmentally conscious product at the most competitive prices.
Cesam's products are sold in consumer packs for retail distribution or large food service packs for hotels, restaurants and other institutions such as Horeca.
Cesam Foods produces several brands, TIMMY (Swiss trademark), Hello and C&S. Cesam Foods also provides contract-manufacturing and private label services to major brands, major retail chains such as Carrefour, pizza chains such as Domino’s and organic brands such as ISIS.